Fire and Environmental Studies

What is up world. My name is Scott Avila, I’m a second year Fire Tech major in Augusta, Maine. I have hopes of becoming a member of the National Guard, but for now, I am happy with where I am headed in my school career and believe I have a bright future ahead of me becoming a firefighter.

Some of the topics that I have been learning in my fire science classes have struck my eyes, ears, and mind, I am want to share some things that I have learned in my class, just to create another resource for people who are interested in these topics to look back upon.

My main focus since coming into the class has been being able to identify things that increase the likelihood of a fire stemming, expanding, and engulfing. I value all human lives equally and want each person to have the knowledge and the opportunity to remain safe in the presence of any building. With adequate fire safety knowledge, anyone can identify what kinds of things commonly cause fire, what cause fires to spread quickly, and most importantly, fire prevention.

I hope while you are on this website, you pick up something new and are able to share with others.

There is tons of communication going on everyday between humans, whether it be through watching tv, videos online, or talking to friends and families, there are many chances to pick up some knowledge that can prove to be beneficial to the way you live the rest of your life, and my goal on this website is to provide you with a little bit of knowledge about fires, as well as let off a little bit of steam about my life and see if anyone else has the same kinds of thoughts as me, or opposing. I am willing to create an open discussion, so if anyone simply needs someone to talk to and we can relate to each other, feel free to drop a comment in the box below and we can open the lines of communication.