While the historical context of this website was previously to help put get people involved in protecting fallen military soldiers’ funerals and the dignity of their family and friends who attend, it is now primarily a blog chronicling the life and experience of Scott Avila, aspiring fireman, former patriot guard (and big time supporter), and go-lucky student working on my Bachelor degree in fire science at Kaplan University in Augusta, Maine.

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The Patriot guard is composed of primarily motorcycle enthusiasts who protect military funerals from becoming a location where hate groups like Westboro Baptist Church among others arrive at military funerals to cast their detest on the grieving families and friends and causing more pain to bear to those who must deal with the sadness and pain of losing someone close to them.

If you would like to get involved in being one of the honorable patriot guard riders of Maine, I can help direct you who to talk to and where to visit below.

To request a mission in Maine, send an email to

The current state captain at the time of this page creation is Michael ‘Swaybar’ Edgecomb, and he can be reached at

The Maine Patriot Guard Facebook page is

The primary site used for organization, information and missions by patriot guards all over the United States is at This is also where a number of other participants, captains of missions, and other information is located. There is a tight community that is free to join and free to participate in as well as a discussion forums.