Easy Access Ways to Put Out Brush Fires

backyard barbecue fireIf you are someone who spends a lot of time in the backyard hanging out throughout the year, you’re my type of person. My favorite thing for cooking is barbecuing. I spend a lot of time outside with my schoolwork and my aspiring career, but I still never feel like I have the need to want to spend my time inside.

fire pitOther cool things to do hanging out in your backyard are swimming, hanging out around the fire pit, and maybe even sitting outside reading by the candlelight. With some of these hot hazards come the possibility of setting off a fire. Always be aware of what you can use to eliminate a fire.

fire extinguisherHave a fire extinguisher available in your backyard anytime you are using the barbecue or have a flame or fire pit burning. Also, have buckets available with water that you can either pour onto something on fire, or put firey stuff into the water. After talking to our pool cleaner, I also feel comfortable saying that if necessary, you can use your pool water to put out a fire if need be.

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Where Does My Water Come From?

Where does my water come from?

sebago lake waterIn Portland Maine, according to https://www.pwd.org/water-distribution, the Portland Water District uses a 1,000 mile network of water that comes out of pump stations, reservoirs, and other channels that take water from Sebago Lake to my home. Using a water main renewal program and flushing program brings clean and fresh water to my home.

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April 94 0205 hours

On April 11, 1994 at 0205 hours, firefighters were called in for a fire outbreak on the ninth floor of a high- rise apartment structure. The first response was a snorkel company and an engine company that arrived 3 minutes later at 0208. The engine unit took command. The first five firefighters that came from two different companies came into the building from the entrance of the main lobby. Somebody radioed in there was thick smoke coming from the 9th floor, so this is where they headed. All five fire fighters proceeded and entered the elevator to head up to the 9th floor. Four fire fighters exited the elevator, while the fifth stayed on, and held the elevator door with his foot. A problem occurred with his SCBA equipment and his foot slipped and took him down to the 1st floor.  Continue reading “April 94 0205 hours”

Backyard Fire Safety

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are increasingly being requested all over the United States as the newest addition for homeowners to add to their backyard. What’s most important in this process though, is that it is created with safety in mind, and the residents of the home take proper precaution the entire time it is in use.

fire pits

There are many factors to consider when adding a fire pit to the yard. Costs can vary depending on the size, materials, and the safety measures taken. Building a fire pit yourself can cost as low as a few hundred dollars if you want to build it yourself, or as much as a few thousand dollars when hiring a professional masonry contractor to do the work for you. Whichever route you take, just know that the look and appeal is not the most important aspect, it’s all about fire safety when dealing with construction of a fire pit.

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Triangle Shirtwaist Fire – New York City, NY

triangle shirtwaist fireThe Triangle Shirtwaist fire in New York City had resulted in 146 deaths. This fire is the largest life loss industrial fire in American History. The fire had occurred in a ten-story loft style building and had approximately 500 employees. Each floor was 10,000 square feet open style rooms.

The fire started at the end of the women’s shift on the eighth floor in a rag bin. The fire started from a cigarette or match tossed in the bin, like many other types of fires.. When the fire had begun, workers had tried to extinguish it with a fire hose but there was no water. The smoke traveled rapidly through the stairwell. The women tried to rush out of the fire escape doors but they were bolted shut. The only escape routes that were left were the elevator and metal fire escape.

fire memorial triangle shirtThe firefighters came to the scene and took a total of 30 minutes to put out the fire. The ladders were 30 feet short of the eighth floor so the women were forced to jump if they were not rescued. The fire could have significantly been suppressed if automatic sprinklers had been installed in the shirtwaist factory. The need for better fire escapes is certainly necessary in this incident.   Continue reading “Triangle Shirtwaist Fire – New York City, NY”

The Fate of Fire

Sometimes fire has the ability to bring people together rather than tearing them apart. I met my wife in a terrible, yet comical way.

campfiresMy wife Lindsey  were camping at separate sites in the Acadian Forests in Maine. At the time, we did not know each other. Near the end of her trip, there was a smoldering log in the fire from the night before, and silly Lindsey stepped into the hot ash to pull it out, and in the process, roasted her foot. She let out a shriek, not incredibly loud, but loud enough for me to hear it from a few campsites over. I heard her go “Ow, ow, owie!” and thought it my expertise may be needed, so I rushed over. She was alone outside, and I asked what happened and if she needed help. She pointed to her foot and let me know she burned it. Immediately, I filled up an empty pot of water, talked to her in a soothing voice and told her to lay down on the nearby bench. I informed her that I am a fireman in training and that I’ll take care of her. Now, I placed her foot into the pot of cool water that I had elevated a foot above her heart, and talked in an attempt to put her at ease. Before our wedding, our wedding photographer replicated this image of me holding her foot in a pot of cool water in our engagement photos, more on that later.
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History of Fire and Life Safety Education

kid firefighters

Fire safety is something that became essential to surviving in certain environments and conditions since man began controlling fire and using it. Due to this valuable tool, it had also caused many horrific scenes throughout history as well as dark times for those affected by it.

Fire Code History

Fire legislation was first recorded in the area of London around the 12th century, the mayor was the proposer, and it was he who made it so that any houses that were to be built in the city had to be constructed out of stone, as well as other standards that he set.

One of the major fire in London’s history in the 13th century  killed around 3000 people started the reaction by the people that a tub of water needs to be on hand to extinguish fires before they grow.

Chimneys begin to spring up in houses around the 14th century. A new way to control fire, but also another chance for despair. Continue reading “History of Fire and Life Safety Education”

Fire and Environmental Studies

What is up world. My name is Scott Avila, I’m a second year Fire Tech major in Augusta, Maine. I have hopes of becoming a member of the National Guard, but for now, I am happy with where I am headed in my school career and believe I have a bright future ahead of me becoming a firefighter.

Some of the topics that I have been learning in my fire science classes have struck my eyes, ears, and mind, I am want to share some things that I have learned in my class, just to create another resource for people who are interested in these topics to look back upon.

My main focus since coming into the class has been being able to identify things that increase the likelihood of a fire stemming, expanding, and engulfing. I value all human lives equally and want each person to have the knowledge and the opportunity to remain safe in the presence of any building. With adequate fire safety knowledge, anyone can identify what kinds of things commonly cause fire, what cause fires to spread quickly, and most importantly, fire prevention.

I hope while you are on this website, you pick up something new and are able to share with others.

There is tons of communication going on everyday between humans, whether it be through watching tv, videos online, or talking to friends and families, there are many chances to pick up some knowledge that can prove to be beneficial to the way you live the rest of your life, and my goal on this website is to provide you with a little bit of knowledge about fires, as well as let off a little bit of steam about my life and see if anyone else has the same kinds of thoughts as me, or opposing. I am willing to create an open discussion, so if anyone simply needs someone to talk to and we can relate to each other, feel free to drop a comment in the box below and we can open the lines of communication.