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About Scott Avila

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Born in Portland, Maine, and raised in Augusta, Maine where I now remain.

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I was raised in a household that supported our elders, and the people who do what they can to protect us. I grew up with a strong foundation of support for those who I truly believed looked out for what they thought was best. This led to my inspiration of becoming a fire fighter and pursuing a fire science degree at Kaplan University in Augusta, Maine. I have spent a lot of time working alongside the patriot guard group in Maine, protecting grieving families and friends of fallen military heroes from hecklers from hate groups like the Westboro Baptist Church. If you are interested in participating with the Maine group of the Patriot Guard, visit the contact page for their contact information.

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I write this blog to share with others the journey a normal human being is taking in life, and hope to be relatable to people, while helping others who I do not relate to have a sense of what a random person in the world’s life is like. Sometimes, I think with all the stuff on the internet, the TV, the radio, etc, it may be nice to hear what is going on in one of your fellow human’s life.