Remembering the Martyrs

Murders and killings are a catastrophic, but unavoidable, an ingredient of history. When a political person is assassinated, it shocks not merely their dear ones, but in addition, it touches the lives of billions of general public.

Remembering is a difficult phenomenon which can liberate a stream of explosive sentiments that can sink you in sadness or indignity, and it can also set free a gush of ruthless fury. Nevertheless not remembering is perfidious by the same token, for fear that those who have vanished pass away in vain or the fundamental teachings gathered are not passed on to upcoming followers.

Mankind must assemble and perceive the authenticity of our contemporary era as well as our future. We ought to appreciate the essential requirements and common things that Almighty has bestowed upon us for continued existence and at the same time attempt to put an end to the countless preferences that we make to go in opposition to Almighty, preferences that annihilate and devalue Mankind and our planet. The course of action of recollection fulfills the yearning to respect and admire those who underwent agony or give up the ghost.

They will never grow old, as we that stay behind get older; neither time nor the passing of years denounces or exhaust them.  “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.”

We, the ones who are living are indebted to those who no longer exist, who cannot converse to acquaint them with their narrative. A sensation of unhappiness and craving that is not parallel to soreness looks like unhappiness merely as the haze reminds you of the rain.

We will cherish the memories of those who have disappeared and departed; however their sweet memories will stand with us—–the living ones. Death is nevertheless journeying the globe, as associates and buddies go across the seas and the oceans; yet they still subsist in one another. Our applaud progresses back to them, the courageous departed!

Pink and red roses on their burial place, zinnias and daisies for each gone person.