Easy Access Ways to Put Out Brush Fires

backyard barbecue fireIf you are someone who spends a lot of time in the backyard hanging out throughout the year, you’re my type of person. My favorite thing for cooking is barbecuing. I spend a lot of time outside with my schoolwork and my aspiring career, but I still never feel like I have the need to want to spend my time inside.

fire pitOther cool things to do hanging out in your backyard are swimming, hanging out around the fire pit, and maybe even sitting outside reading by the candlelight. With some of these hot hazards come the possibility of setting off a fire. Always be aware of what you can use to eliminate a fire.

fire extinguisherHave a fire extinguisher available in your backyard anytime you are using the barbecue or have a flame or fire pit burning. Also, have buckets available with water that you can either pour onto something on fire, or put firey stuff into the water. After talking to our pool cleaner, I also feel comfortable saying that if necessary, you can use your pool water to put out a fire if need be.

pool chlorine firesI had to check with our pool cleaner to find out whether or not he thought it would be okay with putting a fire out with pool water. After learning how flammable and combustion chlorine is, I was a little skeptical with whether or not I wanted to suggest this tactic. I had done some research, and I couldn’t find anyone saying anything against using the pool water in the event of a fire, just be very wary of not putting any chunks of chlorine onto your fire. I would also stay away from collecting the water directly nearby the chlorine.

Not having a big accessible water supply is often one of the major reasons that fires cause so much damage. People lose their homes often because there isn’t a way for people to quickly extinguish a fire at first sign.

fire hose water pool dangerUsing a fire extinguisher is obviously the number one way to kill the flames, but there are other avenues available to stop fires. Using your hose is one major one, using a bucket full of water to kill the flames, and, even rigging a pool pump or a neighbors pool pump to use as a water source to kill flames. Now of course, you must be well prepared in advance to do this, but it doesn’t take much. You can pick up equipment from a hardware store like Home Depot, a plumber supplier, or something similar, for about $500.

To rig your pool to be a pump for fighting fires, there are two primary ways to do this. First, you can get a gas-powered pump with some horsepower to pump the water. Second option is you can use one that uses electricity, like the pumps for garden hoses, and rig it with a gas generator to produce the power to force the water out.

cleaner pool fire extinguisherYou must make sure you have the proper fittings, and the proper hose that is long enough to reach the areas where you would want the water to be able to shoot towards. Test it beforehand as well, and every few weeks to make sure that it works at all times. The worst case scenario would be for it to sputter out and not work just at the wrong time. Testing it regularly will also keep the parts lubricated and ready to go when needed.

Go ahead now and fight some fires with your pool water.