Where Does My Water Come From?

Where does my water come from?

sebago lake waterIn Portland Maine, according to https://www.pwd.org/water-distribution, the Portland Water District uses a 1,000 mile network of water that comes out of pump stations, reservoirs, and other channels that take water from Sebago Lake to my home. Using a water main renewal program and flushing program brings clean and fresh water to my home.

– Most of Portland gets their water from Sebago Lake, and about 15% of the rest of the population. Sebago is an extraordinarily clean lake that is one of the few surface water sources that doesn’t need the super expensive filtration processes that other lakes may require.

sebago lake– The lake is one natural resource that Maine often will claim it to be their most important asset to the state. Although it is also a recreational area, all residents and officials are sure to protect the quality of the water from contaminants.

– Portland Water District makes sure that the water quality of the lake remains great so that the future generations of people can use it. It’s also great for the salmon and trout that swim through the lake and the fisherman that come from near and far to catch some sweet fish.

– The main problem that the Lake is fighting against are plants that are invasive and kill all of the other native plants. Some of these hurt the quality of water as well.

–  rain barrel  One particularly great way that people are now keeping clean water for themselves is by utilizing rain water that runs off of roofs and gutters, and can be used to water the lawn, plants, and even using reverse osmosis to clean the water to drink themselves. 55 gallon barrels are the norm. This also keeps residential and business water costs low and leave more water available for people who need the access.

rain barrels

– In 1986, the Safe Drinking Water Act made it so that all surface water must be filtered. The state does a good job of filtering and collecting water and there is tons available in storage which helps keep it pressured and usable for emergency purposes such as fires. Fire hydrants are tested to make sure that have enough pressure to be properly used in the event of a fire.

– You can be sure your water meets or exceeds minimums set for the SDWA because your water district has to meet those needs or else you would not have any water at your tap.


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