The Fate of Fire

Sometimes fire has the ability to bring people together rather than tearing them apart. I met my wife in a terrible, yet comical way.

campfiresMy wife Lindsey  were camping at separate sites in the Acadian Forests in Maine. At the time, we did not know each other. Near the end of her trip, there was a smoldering log in the fire from the night before, and silly Lindsey stepped into the hot ash to pull it out, and in the process, roasted her foot. She let out a shriek, not incredibly loud, but loud enough for me to hear it from a few campsites over. I heard her go “Ow, ow, owie!” and thought it my expertise may be needed, so I rushed over. She was alone outside, and I asked what happened and if she needed help. She pointed to her foot and let me know she burned it. Immediately, I filled up an empty pot of water, talked to her in a soothing voice and told her to lay down on the nearby bench. I informed her that I am a fireman in training and that I’ll take care of her. Now, I placed her foot into the pot of cool water that I had elevated a foot above her heart, and talked in an attempt to put her at ease. Before our wedding, our wedding photographer replicated this image of me holding her foot in a pot of cool water in our engagement photos, more on that later.
acadia national forests   

Shortly after meeting Lindsey, and helping her in her moment of pain, once she realized she was being properly cared for, she was able to relax a bit, and it seemed like it was the first time she opened her eyes since she burned her foot.

The shock from the pain of the fire finally was wearing off, and as she started to relax while just wincing in pain, she asked why I came over so quickly. I told her it was ingrained in my nature from a very young age. When I was younger, my youngest sister was nearly hit by a car, and an elder cousin of mine was able to yank her out of the street milliseconds before the car would have hit her. At the time, I was too young to have done anything, but his heroism made me believe that anytime someone was in potential danger, it was my duty to protect them. I guess that’s why I have always wanted to be in a profession where I could save and protect others. When I hear her shriek, without any hesitation, I sprung into action and rushed over to see what was the disturbance.tent campfire

I have learned that regret is one of the worst things to carry in life. I would have been pained to know if something happened near me, and it was something that I could have prevented, that could have affected me for the rest of my life. My natural inclination has always been to spring into action to at the very least see what a situation is and see if I could help.

Looking back, she has told me that this little schpeel affected her, and stuck with her. I have learned that many women seek out someone that they feel could protect them in moments of need. This is basic biology of many organisms, particularly mammals where females were attracted to the males that could offer the best protection for survival for herself and her offspring. During any situation where I have helped provide some sort of care or protection to people, male or female, there is a sense of respect and admiration from each of them simply due to them feeling safe. Everyone wants to feel safe, and it feels good to know that you are taken care of.

Fforest firesor all of you guys out there that feel like they aren’t any women desiring you, put forth the effort to show them that you are a worthy candidate that can keep them safe. You can show this in many fashions, but understanding how some biological standards are ingrained into us, it will help you realize what some females look for in a male. While it was the fate of fire that led me to Lindsey, it was the care that I showed for her that her to me. If you need help on how to show a significant other that you can show protection, feel free to reach out to me.